About us

VivahKaro.com is India’s top-most matchmaking and matrimony platform. It has been founded to help you connect with your soulmate and give the happiness you deserve.

VivahKaro.com has always distinguished itself from alternative matrimonial websites with its innovative, trend-setting, and wedding-centric approach. It helps people of marriageable age find themselves suitable brides and grooms in order to get together and lead a beautiful life.

Our Mission

To inspire today’s generation to get into a lifelong relationship called marriage and encourage them to be happy and together.

Our Vision

Happiness grows when two people live together and build their own world together. We believe in it and so encourage the Gen-Z to admire and accept it wholeheartedly.

Why Choose VivahKaro.com?

We at VivahKaro.com understand weddings and relationships. It is a lifelong togetherness that can be nurtured with love, encouragement, understanding, and "a sense of security that someone is always there by your side".

Therefore, we celebrate the merging of two souls at a wedding with family members. Our wedding service, consultation, matchmaking, and guides will empower you to find a suitable partner for yourself.

So, why hesitate? Begin your hunt for the most desirable partner to enjoy uncountable years of love and togetherness.